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February, 2020 – How to play Video Poker online – Play Jacks or Better or any other video poker game online and find the exclusive poker bonus and best Free Video Poker Bonus. Get the best strategy for video poker and free poker bonus. Is it impossible to win in casinos without large deposits?> Read More

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One coin versus five poker strategy?

Proven poker strtegy – I got into the old one coin versus five arguments again.
It’s funny how some of the old video poker players get so adamant about their strategy for poker and defend it, just because it works for them it doesn’t mean that it’s generally the best video poker strategy to teach beginners.
First of all, never get caught in between and poker bet two or three coins because the return only increases on the fifth coin. So, you are putting more poker money into the machine for a lower payout. Decide whether you are going one coin or five coins poker bet and stick with it.
The basic rule is that when you have the poker edge bet your five coins but when you don’t have an advantage, then stick to one coin. Don’t give your money away trying to chase a royal in poker.
And if you can’t handle big money, step down to the smaller denomination video poker machines, that way you’ll get more bang for your buck!

Video-poker volatility – Authentic Poker Play

Videopoker is volatile and unpredictable. Watch out and stand clear of the door!!
Jokes aside, luck turning both ways during your video-poker ventures. That’s how it goes – it is realistic and as authentic as in a real casino. If you take your video-poker game seriously, then you have to put in the hours and not worry about the short-term results and big poker winnings.
If you work on developing your Jacks or better video-poker skills and a winning strategy for poker, then you will protect your bankroll and survive the tougher times and poker losses. Whatever you do, don’t go changing your poker strategy.
Get used to losing more poker sessions than winning – It’s normal. But the trick is to ensure your poker losing sessions are smaller than your poker wins. You have to play your poker cards for the maximum returns and sustain your bankroll so that when the big wins come along, you get ahead! It’s not all about winning the jackpots. It’s also about how you minimise yours loses in poker and maximise your returns from Videopoker.
And you do that by working on your playing skills and playing the right video-poker Machines’ – Simple!!!
If you prefer other poker games like Texas Holdem then take a look at this popular game: https://slotsinspector.com/how-to-play-texas-holdem/

Play responsible

If you find that you start spending to much money playing poker, this site could give you some hints to control you gaming: Bet or regret

Video Poker strategy – Jacks or better strategy

This is the Video Poker strategy table. These strategies are so easy to use, you can memorize them. Thy can be used for any Video poker game – also the popular Jacks or Better Poker game.

Assuming you are playing maximum coins, optimal Video Poker strategy will vary depending on the rules of the game and possibly the paytable. At times, pure optimal strategies can become very complex with very little gain in favourable expectation. We try to provide strategies that are easy to memorize. In short, any change in a paytable will require a change in strategy for true optimum play.

Jacks or Better Video Poker – 9/6 Strategy

Initial Hand Cards to Hold Cards to Discard
Royal Flush 5 0
Straight Flush 5 0
4 of a Kind 4 1
4 Card Royal Flush 4 1
Full House 5 0
Flush 5 0
3 of a Kind 3 2
Straight 5 0
4 Card Straight Flush 4 1
Two Pairs 4 1
Pair of Jacks or Higher 2 3
3 Card Royal Flush 3 2
4 Card Flush 4 1
Pair Lower Than Jacks 2 3
4 Card Straight 4 1
3 Card Straight Flush 3 2
2 Card Royal Flush 2 3
3 High Cards 3 2
2 High Cards 2 3
1 High Card 1 4
Anything Else 0 5

Here is how you should use these strategies. Match your hand to the highest in the list and play that strategy.

Double Bonus Poker (Jacks or Better)