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The complete list of Casino Terms, Poker glossary, and Slots Glossary – Helps you become a poker player and a better slot player.

A – Casino TermsNew online casino terms and Casino glossary

Action: The amount of money wagered. In poker, the action is placing money into the pot or pool to be played.
Active Player: An active player is still in the pot. In poker, a small portion of the minimum bet that each player is required to put into the pot before a new hand begins.
Add-on: Buying more chips ensures the player continuously plays without waiting. This is mainly done in poker tournaments and other card games.
Aggregate Limit: The total purse or win paid for a tournament or game.
All or Nothing: A term for a player going for a quick win, usually in small tournaments or one-on-one games.
Anchor Man: The last player on the table, mainly in Blackjack, is said to be “anchoring the game “, and that is the last one to play.
Ante: An automatic bet set by two players before cards are dealt to ensure there is always money to be won in every hand. This is commonly seen in Stud Poker and Texas Hold Em.
Any Craps: A bet covering the total of the dice rolled in one turn equaling 2, 3, and 12.
Any Seven: A bet covering the total of the dice rolled in one turn equaling 7.
Arm: This is usually referred to as someone skilled at throwing the dice, as in a game of craps, which seems to be altering the game’s odds.
Audition: A test by a casino given to a dealer before receiving a job.
Automatic Payout: The payout from any slot machine to the player without assistance from the casino employee or management.


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B – Casino Terms

Baccarat: A no-skill-needed game using 6 or 8 decks of cards.
Back Line: The No Pass Line of Craps.
Bag: A thousand in English terms. For example, five bags are the same as five thousand.
Bank Roll: A player or casino’s total money to support made bets.
Bank: Any row of slot machines set side by side. This can also be called a change machine.
Banker: Another term used for the dealer in card games.
Barred: A term used when someone or something is not allowed inside the casino.
Base Dealer: A dealer in charge of a base in craps.
Base: The betting area on a craps table.
Basic Strategy: The mathematically correct way to play blackjack.
Bet: The amount placed on the table by a player.
Betting Limits: The most significant and minor wagers allowed on a single bet from a player in certain casino games.
Betting Right: A term in craps referring to betting with the one shooting the dice.
Betting Wrong: The opposite of Betting Right, to bet against the one shooting the dice.
Bill Validation: Also known as BV, it’s the slot in the machine where a player inserts paper currency for credit or tokens to play games. This is also seen on many vending machines.
Bingo: A luck-based game of 75 or more balls, a person plays a card or cards containing five rows of 5 different numbers (except the free space in the centre of the card) in which the caller calls out numbers at random, and the person or persons who get the previously determined design of the game yells BINGO wins. It can also be played as online bingo.
Blackjack: A strategy-based card game in which a player plays against the dealer and tries to get to 21 or as close as possible without going over. Also, blackjack is when the first two cards dealt equal 21 strictly.
Blind Bet: A bet that certain players are required to make due to the position in hand. Also, a player places a bet in Texas Hold Em poker without seeing his cards.
Blinds: An automatic bet in poker to ensure that money will be won on every hand.
Bluff: A term in poker where one places a large bet or raises a bet with a less-than-strong hand or on a draw, hoping to scare off players with potentially stronger or winning hands.
Board: In poker, it’s the centre of the table where community cards are flipped face-up.
Boat: in poker, it’s a term used for a full house. This also can be called a “full boat”.
Book: A bet that is accepted.
Box: An area on a craps table controlled by a casino employee or Boxman.
Boxman: An employee of the casino in charge of the craps table.
Break-Even Point: The time at which a player approximately equals the total payout you would receive to the amount of money a player has bet.
Break: Also known as a bust, when a player or dealer exceeds 21 in blackjack.
Bring-in: An automatic bet made by a player with the smallest or lowest upcard in the first betting round. Mainly in seven-card stud poker.
Bug: A term used for a Joker.
Bump: A term used to name a slight raise in the betting.
Burn Card: A card placed aside for the hand in card games. A card placed into a discard pile or tray after any shuffle and cutting of the deck to ensure no cheating is occurring is called “burning the card”.
Bust: A loss resulting in going over twenty-one in Blackjack.
Button: A small plastic disc moved from player to player after each hand is used to mark the dealer’s position so that the same person isn’t the first to bet every hand.
Buy-A-Pay Machine: A machine that requires more coins to open the next set of symbols for a higher payout if won.
Buy-In: The amount paid to get into a poker game.

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C – Casino Terms

Cage: The place in the casino where cashiers exchange chips and tokens for cash.
Call Bet: A verbally made bet to match the last bet made in a poker hand.
Call: To match the last bet made in a poker hand.
Camouflage: A gambler’s routine to hide their actions or expressions from the casino.
Capping: This is illegal when a player places extra chips on a bet after the hand has started.
Card Counting: In blackjack, a player keeps track of the cards played to have a mathematical advantage over the next card.
Card Shark: A poker player who is very good at every aspect of the game in which they play.
Caribbean Stud Poker: A five-card poker game played against the house.
Carpet Joint: A slang term used for a high-end luxury casino
Case Money: Emergency money held back by the casino if a player wins more than anticipated.
Cashier’s Cage: The place in the casino where the cashiers exchange chips and tokens for cash.
Casino Advantage: A mathematical statistic a casino has over gamblers.
Cassette: The place in the slot machine where the paper currency is stored after a guest places it into the bill validation slot.
Catch: A term in keno when a number is drawn, and a player has it.
Change Color: An exchange of any number of one coloured chip for another colour that equals the same value. For example, if 5 blue chips equal £50 and one red chip equals £50, you may change the 5 blues for the one red.
Chase: To place a bet in hopes of getting a card needed for a possible winning hand.
Check: A casino term used to refer to a chip. In poker, it’s a play used to stay in a game without placing a bet if no other bet was made previous to your turn.
Chemin De Fer: A skilled-based game similar to the Baccarat game using 6 or 8 decks of cards.
Chip Tray: A tray holds the table’s chips near the dealer.
Chips: The round tokens used in casino betting instead of actual cash.
Coat Tail: To copy the same bet that a player sees another player winning on.
Cold: A term used when a player is on a losing streak.
Colour Up: To exchange small money chips for larger ones that equal the same value.
Combination Way Ticket: Multiple ways to bet to give a broader range of winning combinations.
Come Bet: A bet placed on the “come line” in craps.
Come Line: An area where the “come bet” is placed on the craps table.
Come out roll: The first roll of a shooter in a round of craps.
Comps: Free gifts are given by the casinos based on how long you have played at that particular casino.
Copy: A tie in Pai Gow Poker when the player and the banker have the same 2 or 5 card hands. In the event of a push, the banker wins.
Counting Cards: An advantage a player gets for memorising playing cards in blackjack that helps the player learn which cards have not been dealt
CPO: Another term used for “change payout” or “cash payout.”
Cracking the Nut: This slang term is used when a player wins enough money to pay all expenses and takes home a profit from winning after playing.
Crap Out: On the Come-out Roll when the shooter rolls a 2, 3, or 12.
Craps: A dice game played at the casino.
Credits: The amount of money in a slot machine that a player has won or has inserted into the machine that allows the player to keep playing. The player can cash out their credits anytime they wish.
Crew: The dealers assigned to the table in craps.
Crossroader: A slang term used in casinos referring to someone who cheats.
Croupier: Term used for the dealer in Baccarat and Roulette.
Cut: To split the deck into multiple parts and then put the deck back together. This is another form of shuffling and is usually used right after the shuffle.
Cycle: Theoretically, a machine’s routine to produce the top jackpot is called a “cycle.”

D – Casino Terms

Deal: A card game begins when the players receive cards.
Dealer: The casino employee that deals out the cards to the players. It also is called the Banker. The dealer shuffles and passes each player the same number of cards, usually starting the deal from the right to the left. You also see live dealers at online casinos.
Denom: The worth of the token to play a particular machine. Some slot machines take pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, etc.
Designated Dealer: In Texas Hold’Em, it refers to the player who has the dealer button. Usually, the player sitting left of the dealer puts his bets first. Each hand changes the designated dealer.
Deuce: Another term for two.
Dice: The dotted cubes used to play craps. A die has dots on each side, ranging from 1-6. Two identical dies are called dice. The plural form means two dies.
Die: A singular term for dice, a six-sided cube with the numbers 1-6 on each side.
Dime Bet: A bet placed of 1000.
Discard Tray: The tray the dealer uses to place burn cards and cards that players have discarded.
Dollar Bet: A bet of 100.
Don’t Come Bet: A bet place after the Come-out Roll in craps.
Don’t Come Line: The spot on the table where the “don’t come” bet is placed in craps.
Don’t Pass Bet: The bet place before the “come out” roll, betting that a 7 will be rolled before the point being repeated in craps.
Double Down: A blackjack term used by a player to double their original bet in exchange for only one more card allowed that hand.
Double Up: When a gambler doubles their bet to win back the money lost.
Down Card: A facedown card.
Down to the Felt: A slang term used when a player is out of money.
Draw Button: The button on video poker machines allows players to draw up to five new cards.
Draw: The second round of cards dealt in draw poker.
Drop Box: The box that holds cash, markers, and chips on a gaming table.
Drop: Term used for moving money from the hoppers to the bucket under the machine. They are used for tokens and currency.

F – Casino Terms

Face Cards: Any card with a face in a deck of cards, Jack, Queen, and King. Joker can be used as a wild card as any face card if allowed in play.
Family Pot: A term used in poker for when everyone at the table decides to enter the pot.
Fifth Street: The 3rd round of betting in seven-card stud. The same goes for Texas Hold’em; it’s when the fifth card is placed on the table, and the last round of betting begins.
Fill Up: To get a Full House in poker.
Fill: When someone draws a card to complete a five-card hand in poker.
Firing: When a player makes a large bet.
First Base: The person on the dealer’s far left is considered on first base and is always the first person dealt with on a blackjack table.
Fishing: A term used for when a player stays in hand hoping to receive the card needed to win the hand.
Flat Betting: When a player always bets the same amount without raising or lowering the amount.
Flat Top: A fixed amount jackpot on a slot machine.
Float: A term used to refer to the bank at the poker table.
Floorman: An employee of the casino in charge of managing the casino.
Flop: The first three community cards dealt face up in Texas Hold Em.
Flush: Poker refers to a hand consisting of all five cards in the same suit.
Fold: A term used for when a player decides to quit a hand
Four of a Kind: When a player has four cards of the same rank and value in their hand. These are also called “quads.”
Fourth Street: The second round of betting in seven-card stud and Texas Hold Em is when the fourth community card is dealt with the table.
Free Play: Slot machines that do not require money or tokens to be inserted to play. Some casinos give “free play” money as an incentive to lure people into the casino, also called “on the house money.” “Free playing” can also be used when speaking of a broken machine. For Online slot machines, free play is called free spins.
Free Spins: Several spins on a slot machine that the player gets for free. For online slot machines.
Front Money: Money deposited with the “banker” or cage by a player can later be withdrawn while in the casino.
Full House: A poker term used to refer to a hand consisting of a three-of-a-kind and a pair. Also, this can be called a Boat or Full.

G- Casino Terms

Gross Winnings: The total payout (including your stake). Face Cards: Any card with a face in a deck of cards, Jack, Queen, and King. Joker can be used as a wild card as any face card if allowed in play.
Gambling: Accepting money to place bets or play any game of chance based on luck while accepting a payout on a win. There is a fine line between gambling and gaming, while both terms describe a play in the casino and lottery world, as well as online casinos and online slot machines.
Gaming: Most of the time, gaming is considered the same as gambling, but there is a slight difference legally. Gaming is playing a game to win a monetary gift or spend money to bet or win money. Law-mandated rules and regulations usually regulate gaming and fall into the same category as lottery, race betting, casino card and slot machine games.
Gambler’s Anonymous: Where a problem gambler can go for support. You can visit their site at (
Ghost: A blank stop on a slot machine
Going All In: Call with (to bet) all your chips in cardroom poker. If another player bets more chips than you have in a No-Limit game, you can go All-in and stake your total stack against an equivalent amount of your opponent’s stack.
Grand Martingale: The system which has the player double his bet plus one
Greens: 25.00 green casino chip
Grind: A gambler who bets small amounts
Grind Down: The casino wins all the player’s money after playing for a long time.

H – Casino Terms

Hand Pay: When a jackpot is won, hand pay is the cash in hand that is paid to the winner by a casino attendant.
Hand: The amount of cards you are dealt with in a game and the whole game being played is spoken of as a “hand” in a game.
Hard Count: Counting real money instead of counting chips or tokens.
Hard hand: Any blackjack hand that does not contain an ace valued at 11.
Hard way bet: A bet made predicting the total of both dice on doubles in craps.
High poker: Basic poker when the highest hand wins compared to low poker when the lowest hand wins.
High Roller: A term used for a player with a lot of money to play with and who plays High Limit machines or High-end Tables.
Hit: A term used in card games for when a player asks for another card.
Hit Frequency: A slot or video machine designed to keep players playing longer by paying out smaller winnings more often.
Hold: The amount the casino wins for every slot machine and video machine.
Hold’em: A style of poker where players are dealt two cards each, then three community cards are dealt with the centre of the table, then two more cards are dealt with the centre of the table one at a time, with betting after each round of cards dealt.
Holding your own: This is when a player leaves with the money they came to play with, even after winning or losing throughout the gaming experience.
Hole Card: The face-down card the dealer has in blackjack. Also, in stud and hold ’em poker, it’s the cards dealt with the players.
Hopper: The bin inside the slot machine or gaming system that holds the tokens or bills to be counted and paid out promptly.
Horn Bet: A one-roll bet that combines 2,3,11, and 12 in craps.
Hot: This refers to being on a winning streak.
House Edge: The amount that the casino takes from your winnings (usually a tiny percentage) so that the casino makes money.
House: A term used to refer to the casino, dealer, or banker.

I – Casino Terms

Inside Bets: A bet placed in roulette using any number or small combination of numbers.
Inside Straight: A straight that can only be completed one way when a player has four of the five cards needed in poker.
Insurance: Only offered when the dealer has a face-up ace. A side bet is made when a player thinks the dealer has a natural blackjack. If the dealer does have blackjack, you win double; if not, you lose.

J – Casino Terms

Jackpot: The most significant amount of money given on a slot machine or video poker machine that usually requires an attendant of the casino to “hand pay” the winner.
Jacks or Better: In some poker games, it’s the minimum hand needed to win. This is mainly seen in 5-card draw poker.
Joker: The only non-suited card in a deck that is sometimes used as a wild card.
Juice: The profit made by the casino. Often, this is called vigorous.

K – Casino Terms

Keno Board: A sizeable backlit board that shows winning keno numbers. It slightly resembles a Bingo number board.
Keno Lounge: The area in a casino where players play Keno.
Keno Runner: The employee of the casino in charge of taking your bet to the keno writer; also, the person who delivers payment for keno winners.
Kicker: Another term used for a tiebreak card in poker. For example, if two players each have a pair of aces, the kicker is the highest card other than the aces.

L – Casino Terms

Ladies: Queen Card
Lay Bet: This is a bet that a particular (point) number will not be rolled before a 7 is rolled. You should know that the casino will take 5% of the winnings on these bets. Most casinos will receive this commission upfront.
Lay Odds: These are other odds bet against the dice. Making this bet is usually referred to as ‘laying your odds.’
Limit (Limit Poker): Any online game with a fixed limit to how much you can bet/raise in any given round.
Limp: Flat-calling an opening forced bet is to limp into a hand.
Live card: A new un-dealt card or one yet to be seen.
Live game: An ongoing game with lots of action and betting.
Lock: A great hand guaranteed to win at least part of the pot.
Loose: A loose player is a player that plays with more different hands and holds on to them for a longer time.
Loose Jackpots: Term used when multiple jackpots are won on the same machine during a winning streak over a short period
Loose Slots: Term for winning slot machines; if a slot machine is on a winning streak, it is considered to be loose
Lowball: A 5 or 7-card poker version where the lowest hand always wins.
Low Poker: Also called lowball, is poker in which the pot is awarded to the hand with the lowest poker value.
Load up: To play the max number of coins per slot machine will allow

M – Casino Terms

Marker: A check or stub voucher that is used at gaming tables. This usually runs a “tab” when a player has good credit with the casino.
Martingale System: Doubling up a bet after taking a loss.
Match Play: A points-based gaming system commonly seen in tournaments used when players play against one another until one player reaches a fixed number of points to win.
Mechanic: A slang term to describe a cheating dealer.
Mechanical Machine: The original form of slot machines that were operated by gears, pulleys, springs, levers, and a handle that was the direct way to start the reel spin.
Microprocessor Machine: Today’s new online slot machine style, computerised screens and a computer chip that simulates the play of the older-style slot machines or one-armed bandits. A “random number generator” is used for the outcome of a game.
Mini-baccarat: A downsized version of baccarat using fewer players, dealers, and formality but played the same as baccarat.
Monkey: A card valued at 10. Commonly used in blackjack
Multipliers: Slot machines with a max bet of multiple tokens to increase better payouts.

N – Casino Terms

Natural: A 2 card hand equaling 21 in blackjack and a two-card total equaling eight or nine in baccarat.
Net winnings: Term used to determine the total amount won minus the original wager made.
Nickel: Casino term used to refer to 5 cents.
Non-Negotiable Chip: A chip with no monetary value, often used for promotions, drinks, or food.
Non-Value Chip: This chip is used as a no-value and is determined by the amount of the buy-in instead of a specific value.
Number Pool: A range of numbers from which a player chooses the numbers to play.
Nut: (1) The cost of running a casino. (2) A fixed amount of money that a gambler decides to win in a day. (3) In poker, the term nut describes an ace-high flush or straight.

O – Casino Terms

Odds: The percentage chance or ratio of a player winning. For example, if a player makes a bet on one horse with 10:1 odds and the horse wins, the payout would be £10 for every £1 bet.
Off: A term used in gambling to refer to a losing bet.
Off-Track Betting: Commonly known as online bets or phone-in bets made at a racetrack.
One-roll Bet: A term in craps used to describe a win or loss on one dice roll.
On-Tilt: A poker term used to describe a player on a losing streak resulting in poor and sometimes aggressive betting.
Open: A term used to describe the first bet made.
Outside Bets: A bet involving 12-18 numbers at a time on the outside of the betting layout in roulette.
Overlay: A bet made by a player that gives an edge over the casino.

P – Casino Terms

Paint: Slang for a flush (all cards of one suit in hand).
Pair: A card game term used to describe two cards of the same rank. For example, AAKJQ would include a couple of Aces.
Palette: The item used to move cards onto the table by the dealer, also in Hold ‘Em, is when 4 of the community cards are of different suits.
Pass: A card game term used to fold or not make a bet to pass on this round.
Pat: This hand does not need more cards to hold or stay.
Pay Cycle: The routine of a slot machine or video machine reflects the number of plays needed for that machine to pay out.
Pay line: On a slot machine with lines, the pay line is the window where the symbols must fall and line up on the line.
Payback Percentage: Money returned to players by winning.
Payoff: In poker, it’s the term used to describe a call or raise made by an opponent when you have the winning hand.
Payout percentage: Term used to describe the rate of each dollar played to what the slot or video machine pays out. Payout is always 100% minus the house edge.
Payout table: On slot and video machines, there is a posting of what each hand will pay about the number of coins or credits played.
Pigeon: A slang term used to describe inexperienced gamblers.
Pit boss: The supervisor of the pit. In charge of watching for cheaters, settling disputes, and giving comps to big betters.
Pit Manager: The casino employee in charge of dealing with any problems by players and the enforcer of casino rules and policy.
Pit: The area of a casino where a group of tables is set mainly for large tournaments, and the centre area is reserved for dealers and other casino employees.
Player: Any person in the casino playing a slot machine, video machine, table game, online slot machine, or online poker.
Playing the rush: A poker term used to describe a player who has quickly won a lot of money.
Plug: The primary shuffling technique used in blackjack.
Pocket Card: The cards that a player is dealt with.
Poker: A card game that can be played in many different ways. This game involves skill, luck, and a particular set of rules for playing.
Pot: The total amount of money won in a poker hand.
Pressing: Poker is used when players let their winnings ride by betting them with the original bet.
Probability: A term used to describe the chances of an event happening
Progressive betting: A betting style where the bet size is constantly changing.
Progressive: A slot machine that has a progressive jackpot is one in which the jackpot increases each time a coin is played on that machine. Once the jackpot is won, the amount resets to the starting jackpot.
Progressives: A group of machines that share a jackpot that keeps rising as more money is placed in the machine. The jackpot keeps growing until the top prize is won.
Punch Board: A non-skill-needed game played by a player who punches a slot out of a board for cash or prizes.
Punter: Another term used to name a player.
Push: In blackjack, it’s when a tie occurs between a dealer and a player on hands of 21 and under.

Q – Casino Terms

Quads: Another term used to describe a four-of-a-kind in poker and other card games.
Qualifier: The minimum hand needed to win poker(see Jacks or Better).
Quarter: A term used to describe a 25-chip.

R – Casino Terms

Rack: The transport tray used by casinos and players to carry and count larger money-value chips, coins, slot tokens, and casino plastic chips.
Raise: An increase bet from a bet made by another player in poker to raise the total amount into the pot.
Rake: A fee charged by the casino for each hand of a card game. Usually, the charge is between 5-10% of each pot after the betting round. Sometimes, this can be a flat fee.
Random Number Generator: The computer chip in each machine chooses from a set of random numbers to represent a symbol on the reel.
Rank: The overall worth of any set of cards.
Rated: A term used to distinguish a higher skill level player.
Rating: A casino system that evaluates how much a gambler plays for free play and other comps.
Red: The colour most commonly used for $5 chips.
Red-black bet: A bet made by a player in roulette that the next spin will end on a red or black number. This bet is paid at even money or 1:1
Reel: The loops in slot machines painted with symbols are known as reels.
Riffling: The most used and typical style for mixing/shuffling a deck of cards.
River: In Texas, hold ’em and Five Card Stud; it’s the final card on the table.
Round: Any cycle of a game in which all bets are placed. In roulette, it’s when the wheel is spun.
Royal Flush: The best possible hand in poker consisting of an ace-high straight flush.
EXAMPLE: A-K-Q-J-10 of hearts.

S – Casino Terms

Sawbuck: A term used to refer to $10.
Scared Money: A slang term used to describe the money a player cannot lose.
Session: A single betting or playing time.
Set: In poker, it’s a term used to describe a pair. Also, in Pai Gow poker, it is when the players set their cards down in two separate hands of five and two cards.
Seven-Out: This is when the point has been set, and the shooter rolls a seven in craps.
Seventh Street: The fifth and final betting round occurs in seven-card stud poker when players have all seven cards.
Shark: A slang term for a cheater or excellent poker player.
Shill: A person hired by the casino to fill an empty seat; also used to begin a game.
Shiner: An illegal reflector or mirror used to see hidden cards.
Shoe: The box used to hold more than one deck of cards made of wood or plastic.
Shooter: The dice roller in craps
Short Run: A series of short events and bets at any game.
Showdown: The showing of the cards after the last round of betting is called the showdown.
Shuffle Tracking: A form of cheating given to a player, mostly in blackjack, to gain an advantage over the house.
Shuffle up: The mixing of the card before shuffling.
Shuffle: When the dealer mixes up the cards before the deal.
Shutter: A small plastic window covers a number on a reusable bingo card. It’s pulled down once the number is called to mark it.
Silver Mining: An action seen in casinos when a person goes from machine to machine looking for coins left behind.
Single: Straight betting is when a person makes just one bet during an event or selection.
Singleton: Having one card of value or rank.
Sixth Street: Sixth Street is the fourth round of betting in seven-card stud because each player remaining has six cards.
Skin game: A poker game that includes multiple cheaters.
Skin: A term used to define $1.
Skinning the hand: Used by cheating poker players, it’s when a player gets rid of extra cards to gain an advantage.
Skoon: Another term used to define $1.
Slot Club Member: A frequent slot machine player given a card to use in the machines to play.
Snake Eyes: A term used for when the shooter rolls a two in craps.
Soft Count Room: A room in the casino where the soft count is done.
Soft Count: Counting all the money, tokens, and coins in a Dropbox.
Soft hand: Any hand with an ace as an eleven in blackjack is considered a soft hand.
Spinner: A term used to describe a winning trend.
Spooking: A team form of cheating mainly seen in blackjack involves two people working together as one attempts to know the dealer’s hole card and shares the information with his partner playing beside him.
Spot: A number selected on a keno ticket from 1-80 and the numbers marked on a ticket.
Stack: The term used as a quick count to see how much money one has, usually in stacks of twenty and commonly seen in Poker tournaments and roulette.
Stand: To not take another card for fear of busting or going over 21 in blackjack.
Standing Hand: A term in blackjack referring to a hand that totals 17 or more points, which is most likely to bust if hit again.
Stay: Another term for stand-in blackjack means not wanting more cards.
Steal: A poker term used when a bluffing better wins the pot.
Steaming: A term used in blackjack similar to going on tilt in poker, meaning a player is using poor judgment or playing very aggressively to win money back quickly, usually done after a series of bad losses.
Stick Man: The casino employee called the rolled number and the stick.
Stiff: A blackjack hand that could be better and may bust if hit once.
Stops: The points on the slot machine when the reel stops.
Straight: A poker hand with all five cards in numerical order.
Straight Flush: A poker hand with five cards of the same suit in numerical order.
Streak Betting: Another term used for progressive betting is when a trend is seen, and a player raises their bet because of that trend.
Stripping: A shuffling that puts the first card last and reverses the order of the deck.
Stud Poker: A type of poker game similar to Texas Hold ’em.
Suit: The four types of cards in a standard card deck. Hearts, Diamonds Clubs, and Spades.
Surrender: A blackjack term used when a player gives up half their bet for the right not to continue a hand. Also, when the ball lands on zero in roulette, you only lose half the money bet on even money.
Symbols: The images on the slot wheel are used to determine the winning symbols needed to hit the jackpot. Fruit symbols and bar symbols were the first items painted on the reels.
System: A mathematical betting style used to gain an advantage.

T – Casino Terms

Table Hold: Eight hours sum of money won by the casino from all players.
Table stakes: The money a player has on the table to bet with.
Table Test: A test given by the casino to a dealer that one must pass before being employed by the casino.
Taking the odds: To make a bet less than the payoff amount if the bet is successful.
Tapping out: Also known as going broke, a player runs out of money to gamble with.
Tell Play: Commonly seen in Texas Hold’Em, it’s when a person tries to guess what hole cards another player has by reading their reactions.
Third Street: The first betting round in the seven-card stud poker.
Third-Base: The spot closest to the dealer’s right hand is the last to be played before the dealer.
Three- Card Monte: A three-card poker game similar to Bragg.
Three of a Kind: A term given to a poker hand that contains three cards of the same values. Also called Trips. Example 999AK
Ticket: A term used for a card being played in Keno.
Tight Machine: A machine that a player has had a losing streak on.
Tighten: Making a machine pay out less than it currently requires State approval. Also, a myth that casinos tighten a screw inside the machine so that players playing that machine don’t win.
Tilt: When a machine breaks down and stops working for any reason and needs to be repaired by an assistant from a casino employee.
Time Cut: When money is charged for playing time by the casino.
Tip: A token of gratitude from a player to a dealer or other employee of the casino.
Toke: A tip given from a player to a casino employee for excellent service and kindness.
Token: A term used for the coins needed to play slot machines.
Top Award: Another term used for Jackpot.
Touch Wand: The pointing device used in some Keno machines to select numbers.
Tournament: A massive competition of players set for a duration or until everyone else loses all their money.
Trey: Another term for three.
Trips: Commonly known as three of a kind. When a player has three cards of the same value or rank.
True odds: The actual ratio of when one thing will happen to correspond to other events will occur. Odds posted in casinos are usually untrue odds.
Two Pair: A poker hand with two different sets of cards with the same rank or value. Example AA99K.

U – Casino Terms

Underlay: A risk bet made by a player whose likelihood of winning is not good.
Unit: The smallest amount of money used in a bet. Using units makes it easier to calculate the multiple chip denominations.
Upcard: In blackjack, the dealer’s card is visible to everyone.

V – Casino Terms

Video Poker: Like today’s slot machines, it’s the computerised way to play poker at a casino or online. These machines became famous in 1979 by IGT Draw Poker.
Video Slot Machine: Much like video poker, it’s a video way to play slot machines in casinos and online; also made famous by IGT in 1978.
Vigorish: The money made by the house through commissions or fees.
VIP: A term given to big bettors worthy of complete complimentary treatment by the casino.
VLT: An abbreviation for the Video Lottery Terminal.

W – Casino Terms

Wager Online: A term like a bet or money placed on the table.
Walking the Reels: A method of cheating not used today because of the technology in today’s slot machines, when the older machine’s handles could be manipulated in a jackpot position.
Washing: The most commonly used shuffling technique by dealers in a casino is when the dealer spreads the entire deck across the table, mixes them randomly, and then proceeds to a more traditional shuffle.
Way Ticket: A ticket in Keno with more than one way to win.
Whale: A term given to a high roller that tends to bet thousands of dollars on a single bet.
White Meat: A slang term meaning profit.
White: The colour most commonly used to determine one chip.
Wild Card: A predetermined card (often the joker) used to complete a hand.
WIN: This is the money the casino makes after all taxes and operating costs are taken out.
Wired Cards: A poker term is given when a pair, three or four of a kind, is dealt back to back in one hand.
Working: A craps term meaning that all bets are in play.
World Bet: A craps term meaning a bet on the horn includes the seven on a single roll.
Wrong Bettor: A craps term given to a player that bets on the Don’t Pass Line.

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